We want to partner with companies looking to scale their business.

Our teams are situated in the heart of the oil and gas industry with locations around Houston, TX, including access to a private rail.
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Element Chemicals

Element is a specialty chemical manufacturer for the energy industry, specializing in upstream production treatment solutions. Our line of proprietary Touchstone products are best-in-class solutions that solve operational issues and increase customers’ performance.  

When you partner with Element Chemicals, you gain a team of industry leading chemical engineers who go above and beyond to make sure that your operations maintain peak performance.
Chemical engineer operating blending tanks.
Storage tanks at chemical warehouse.

Mission Chemical

Mission Chemical is a full-service chemical distributor that supports the Gulf Coast region with supply chain management, in-house R&D technical support, and custom manufacturing. Our speed and agility set us apart to supply products on time and when our customers need it most.  

Our dedicated team of chemical engineering experts and account representatives works closely with our customer to help provide solutions to drive down operating costs and maximize efficiencies.

Sharp International Services

Sharp International Services is a 3rdparty chemical servicing company that allows customers to focus on the core of their business and reduce overhead capital costs. Situated along a privately owned track that is served daily by BNSF, we are a one-stop-shop that to deliver fast results for your chemical manufacturing needs.  
Shipping tanks inside a chemical warehouse.